Yakov Smirnoff

"Spendidly funny!" The New York Times

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Yakov with LOVE


Yakov’s comedic style is firmly grounded within his mission statement “to experience happiness and teach it with passion through comedy and sensitivity”. As part of his ongoing quest for knowledge and understanding about relationships, Yakov completed his Masters degree in positive psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, graduating in May 2006 with the first class of the new positive psychology program directed by Dr. Martin Seligman. Currently he is earning his Doctorate in Psychology and Global Leadership at Pepperdine.


Yakov, the Artist

Yakov holds a degree from a prestigious Russian art institute. As an accomplished artist he has taught the subject professionally and his work has been featured in the New York international art expo.  The painting that Yakov created just after 9/11, America’s Heart, was displayed as a mural over Ground Zero in New York City. His artwork hangs throughout his theater in Branson. You may view them by clicking here. Prints are also available by clicking here.

Yakov, the Artist


Yakov has videos, his books, his artwork prints, souvenirs and other items available for purchase.

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