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Yakov, the Artist

Dr. Yakov trained in visual art at a prestigious institute in Russia. As an accomplished artist, he has taught the subject professionally and his work has been featured in the New York International Art Expo. The painting that Yakov created in response to the September 11 attacks, “America’s Heart”, was displayed as a mural over Ground Zero in New York City. His artwork hangs throughout his theater and condos located in Branson, Missouri. You can view his art by clicking the link below.

Yakov, the Artist
America's Heart
“America’s Heart”

This beautiful painting depicts Yakov’s love for Lady Liberty, America, and NYC. Considered his most recognizable work, “America’s Heart” was created in response to the September 11 attacks where is was subsequently made into a mural that hung at Ground Zero.

“Flying Glory”

One of Yakov’s proudest memories is flying the flag over his theatre in Branson, Missouri. Seeing the American flag in all its glory will give anyone goosebumps, and Yakov has captured its grace beautifully in this painting.

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“Laughing Genius”

It is said that a heightened sense of humor is a sign of great intelligence. Albert Einstein is the perfect example of this. Yakov looks for the unusual things in life, like a brilliant scientist who doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Thumbnail image of Yakov's painting Face of Freedom
“Face of Freedom”

Yakov became a citizen under the watchful eye of Lady Liberty — this painting was created to showcase his gratitude toward his country.

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“God and Country”

A photo in a Ft. Meyers, Florida newspaper inspired this unique work. Yakov loved how the September 11-inspired photo captured so many emotions – grief, hope, and love. The minute he saw it, he knew he had to paint it.

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“Eye on America”

This one-of-a-kind painting was inspired by the words of another Russian immigrant – Irving Berlin. When Yakov sees the American flag, he is reminded of Berlin’s 1918 song “God Bless America.”

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“Love Mates”

Swans are some of the most elegant and graceful creatures on Earth. When they mate, they mate for life. Yakov wanted to capture their eternal love in this beautiful painting.

Thumbnail image of Yakov's painting America at Peace
“America At Peace”

The September 11 attacks forever changed our great nation. While terrorists attempted to destroy the unity of the United States, they only succeeded in bringing us closer together. This painting by Yakov serves as a tribute to our nation – now stronger and better than ever.

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