Yakov, the Artist

Yakov is pictured here with his “Flying Glory” painting. His unique style of painting is as vibrant and patriotic as his personality. Yakov holds a degree from a prestigious Russian art institute. As an accomplished artist he has taught the subject professionally and his work has been featured in the New York international art expo. Throughout his career his art has consistently reflected his passions – family, flag, faith, and laughter. His artwork hangs throughout his theater in Branson. Below are some of his paintings.

Yakov, the Artist
America's Heart
“America’s Heart”

Probably Yakov’s most well known painting. “America’s Heart” was painted immediately after 9/11. Subsequently it was made into a mural that hung at Ground Zero. This painting depicts Yakov’s love of Lady Liberty, America, and New York.

Face Of Freedom
“Eye On Liberty”

Many of Yakov’s paintings are reflections of his love for America and all that she offers to people like him. The flag and all that it stands for is a recurrent theme. Yakov’s passion for Love and Laughter is reflected in his art – Faith, Flag, Family, and Love. Many of the paintings are almost celebrations of colorful and powerful emotions.

“Face of Freedom”

One of Yakov’s first patriotic paintings. Yakov became an American citizen literally under the watchful eye of Lady Liberty on July 4, 1986. This work proudly reflects Yakov’s gratitude toward his adopted country. The vibrant colors reflect Yakov’s view of America as a vibrant, welcoming home of liberty and freedom.