Yakov, the Artist

Yakov is pictured here with his “Flying Glory” painting. His unique style of painting is as vibrant and patriotic as his personality. Yakov holds a degree from a prestigious Russian art institute. As an accomplished artist he has taught the subject professionally and his work has been featured in the New York international art expo. Throughout his career his art has consistently reflected his passions – family, flag, faith, and laughter. His artwork hangs throughout his theater in Branson. Below are some of his paintings.

Yakov, the Artist
America's Heart
“America’s Heart”

Probably Yakov’s most well known painting. “America’s Heart” was painted immediately after 9/11. Subsequently it was made into a mural that hung at Ground Zero. This painting depicts Yakov’s love of Lady Liberty, America, and New York.

“Joy To The World”

The Son of God is usually seen as carrying the weight of the world on His shoulders. I feel He had to have a great sense of humor to understand the world we live in today.

“Flying Glory”

I was really nervous about starting this painting. Watching the flag fly proudly over my theater always gave me goose bumps. I was hoping to portray it with honor. I hope I did.

Face Of Freedom
“Face of Freedom”

Yakov became an American citizen literally under the torch and watchful eye of Lady Liberty and this work reflects Yakov’s gratitude toward his country.

“God and Country”

Yakov says, “I believe that “One Nation Under God” should continue to be a part of the Pledge of Allegiance. I saw this photo in a newspaper in Ft. Meyers, Florida on January 1, 2002. This was the new year after 9/11 attacks. This picture choked me up because it combined the grief, the silence, and the hope. I had to paint it, but the photo was only in my head. So, in the painting you see my Bible, my hands and my flag.”

“Laughing Genius”

They say that a heightened sense of humor is a sign of great intelligence. Einstein is the perfect example of this. My eye is trained to see the unusual things in life, like a scientist who doesn’t take himself too seriously.

“Eye on America”

The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When I see the American flag, in my mind it translates into the words written in 1918 by another Russian emigrant, Irving Berlin. “God Bless America, land that I love. Stand beside her, and guide her, through the night with a light from above.”

Love Mates
“Love Mates”

The swan is an elegant creature that I believe was put on this planet to remind humans of grace and beauty, but most important, love. When swans mate, they mate for life. In this painting I wanted to capture their magnificent bodies symbolizing eternal love.”

“America At Peace”
We have come a long way since 9/11 and healed our wounds. We are at peace again. This painting followed America’s Heart, which was about the hope of healing. This next painting confirms where America is today. Terrorists tried to change America and they did. America, after 9/11 is more united as a nation. We are stronger, better and more at peace